Angelina Jolie announced her new clothing collective, Atelier Jolie, three weeks ago, aiming to produce sustainable clothing by using deadstock and amplify the work of artisans, “refugees and other talented, under-appreciated groups, with positions of dignity based on skill.” Her birthday was on Sunday, she’s now 48 years old, and perhaps to celebrate she made another fashion announcement yesterday: Atelier Jolie’s partnership with Chloé – and this isn’t just a vanity collaboration; as Angelina explains on Instagram, Chloé was specifically chosen because: 

“Very few luxury brands are a certified B Corp. It was important to me to work with Chloé, one of the first luxury brands to be a B Corp.”


Per Vogue Business

“Chloé’s B Corp status, which it achieved in October 2021, was a draw for Jolie. The process of certification involves a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s impacts on workers, customers, community and environment throughout its full operations.”


Angelina worked with Chloé’s creative director, Gabriela Hearst, on the collection, which is mostly eveningwear, drawing from Angelina’s personal style. And Angelina specifies in her statement that:

“My earnings from this collaboration will be invested in establishing apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie.”

So she’s partnering with an established luxury fashion house with an established sustainability program as an investment in her own burgeoning fashion collective. This is smart, and thoughtful, and strategic and goes well beyond just slapping her name on something and depositing a cheque. It’s also in-line with how Angelina has approached all of her branded projects, connecting her interests with her philanthropic work and humanitarian efforts. A good example of what it means to proceed with intention.