I was JUST saying how f-cking slow it is in these final days of summer, but then new photos of Angelina Jolie popped up. La Jolie always knows when we need her. Here she is in New York with her son, Pax (toting video equipment for some mysterious purpose). Is she in New York as part of her work producing a Broadway-bound, musical version of The Outsiders? Or is she out and about with Pax working for her new clothing line? Angelina is busy! 


Like many actors, she is filling time when she could be filming—Pablo Larraín’s biopic of Maria Callas, in which she is set to star as the legendary opera singer, is next on her docket. It might film in October–presumably with a SAG waiver?–but that doesn't seem set in stone. For now, Angelina is doing whatever in New York—for the record, this outing is described as a “lunch meeting”. I am unsurprised to see Pax, or any of her kids, with her as Angelina seems to be in the phase of supporting her kids exploring their interests in her industry. 

Last year, Maddox and Pax were assistant directors on her upcoming film, Without Blood, and Vivienne is acting as her “volunteer assistant” producing The Outsiders (but does it HAVE to be a musical?). Some might call this nepotism, including me, but as I have said before—if the kid has talent, people care less about the nepo baby thing. Time will tell where the Jolie-Pitt kids fall on the nepo baby spectrum (ranging from Brooklyn Beckham to Nicolas Cage), and how annoyed we will or won’t be by their probably inevitable careers somewhere in show business.