The Brangelina divorce drags on over issues of assets and custody. In the latest development, Angelina Jolie has been granted permission to sell her shares of their winery, Miraval. But Brad Pitt is unhappy because he once sold Angelina a 10% stake in the company for €1. He did this so that they would have equal 50-50 shares, and now Angelina stands to make millions on the shares she bought for €1. Also, through all this legal wrangling we have learned that the company behind the Miraval label is called “Quimicum”, which sounds like an orca that has come to extract revenge for all the other orcas tortured in captivity for decades, and the Brange have separate LLCs for their shares in Quimicum. Angelina’s is called Nouvel, and Brad’s is, of course, called Mondo Bongo. Forget celebrity baby names, I want to examine all the celebrity LLC names. (Dlisted)


Tom Ford’s husband, Richard Buckley, passed away a few days ago. His latest collection was also presented in New York this week. Ford called it “a hopeful collection”. It’s all bright colors and sparkly bits and looks like a lot of fun to wear. That’s not necessarily my first association when I think of Tom Ford clothes, which usually invoke “elegant” and “minimal”. This collection is NOT minimal. I don’t have the legs to pull them off, but I love the satin cargo-parachute pants. (PopSugar)

Reservation Dogs star Devery Jacobs covers Popsugar’s digital magazine. It’s a great interview, and among the many issues she touches on, she talks about the importance of representation for queer Native youth. Every time I write about inclusion, someone inevitably writes to pooh-pooh the whole notion, but Devery Jacobs gets at the importance of seeing yourself in the culture. Seeing one person live freely, can free others to live, as well. (Go Fug Yourself)


The Great British Bake Off is returning to Netflix, and we’re debating if Paul Hollywood’s blue eyes are real, or contacts. I do not like Paul Hollywood, and the show has never been the same since Mary Berry left, but I vote that his husky eyes are real. Colored contacts are obvious, mostly because they cover your pupil with a fake, non-moving pupil. He never has that fixed-pupil look. (Cele|bitchy)

Here’s a handy explainer on the looming IATSE strike that could shut down film production and theater across North America. IATSE represents over 150,000 workers in virtually every aspect of the entertainment industry. Films, TV shows, and theaters productions don’t get made without IATSE workers. Now, they’re asking the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for better working conditions, including higher wages and safer working conditions. If this strike goes ahead, it will have a massive effect on the movies and television we watch. As always, side with labor. (Pajiba)