Angelina Jolie spent Labour Day with the kids, seen hiking. I like this move. You know why? Because …when’s the last time you saw her in sneakers?!? 

As many of you have pointed out, when we see Angelina out with the children, and we see her often with the children, presumably strategically, she’s always dressed like she’s going to a business meeting. Needless to say, that wardrobe doesn’t work when you’re on a nature walk in the Hollywood Hills. But this wardrobe is closer to the, say, Jennifer Garner school of “regular mom” messaging. And if we’re working on public image, well, this is definitely an update. 

Speaking of update though – how many times have we talked here about the quality of Australian gossip? Basically, it’s sh-t. And Australia’s New Idea has a story this week about how Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are on a secret holiday in Italy, staying at George Clooney’s in Lake Como… with Shiloh. Because they wanted to get Shiloh – just Shiloh! – away from Angelina. Beyond the fact that New Idea is, again, full of sh-t, this is actually gross. Like of all the six kids, only Shiloh gets the single-out? You already know the undertones there. And also? If that was actually true? BAD BAD BAD look for Brad.