The big incomplete Brange headline last week was about how Brad Pitt was suing Angelina over selling her Chateau Miraval shares. Most major outlets missed the fact that Brad was sued first by his new co-owners for mismanagement of the estate. And also there’s what her lawyer said about the situation – via Entertainment Tonight

“In a statement to ET, Jolie's attorney, Robert Olson, says his client "has not yet been served, and we are instead learning about the complaint from the media who appear to have been given access to the report to create a press story prior to Ms. Jolie even being served."


Olson added, "I understand that Mr. Pitt is aware that Ms. Jolie is on a long-haul commercial international flight with their children, out of reach, and unable to respond."

Somehow TMZ was able to learn about the lawsuit before Brad’s legal team was able to serve Angelina? Of course it’s media manipulation …which…sure…most celebrities do this to a certain extent, but remember, through all of this divorce mess, it was often Brad’s team accusing Angelina of playing the media. Let’s stop pretending that Brad doesn’t game the system himself. If what her lawyer is saying is true, that he tipped off TMZ before she and her lawyer could even process it, well, you can see what his motivation is here, especially since he’s being accused by his new co-owners of not taking care of business. 

As of the time of this writing, Angelina has yet to respond to Brad’s allegation. Her lawyer mentioned she was travelling and it turns out she’s in Cambodia. You can see more photos of her in this Twitter thread. At least one of her children, Shiloh, is with her on the trip. Shiloh is repping the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation – note her top. 


And also note there are a few shots of Angelina with Loung Ung, her close friend and the author of First They Killed My Father. 

Angelina is in Cambodia apparently for the UNESCO-Guerlain Women for Bees campaign that she launched last year. 


Brad’s lawsuit, then, will have to wait until she gets back, although it’ll be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. Whatever he claims this “mutual understanding” is, it doesn’t sound like he has anything in writing. And besides, given the sequence of events, with her filing for the right to sell last summer and subsequently getting approval and going through the paperwork of actually unloading her shares – I wonder if he actually has a case and if not, was that what this PR offensive was all about? Because, again, considering the sequence of events, that’s how it’s lining up. 

She wanted to sell. He was cockblocking it. She eventually sells to a company that’s asking questions about how he’s managing the business and filed a complaint about it. And now he’s suing her for selling to them? Like no matter who you stan here, there has to be more to the story than what’s being reported, non?