Angelina Jolie has been in New York the last few days with Pax and Zahara. The three of them were seen looking at apartments yesterday and she and Pax had dinner in the West Village last night. Makes sense that she’s looking for a home in NYC since just last week it was confirmed that her fashion collective, Atelier Jolie, will be operating out of the space that was Jean-Michel Basquiat’s final studio. 


She shared a video of herself on Instagram, standing with the back to the camera, with Shiloh a few feet away, as Pax spray painted the logo on the wall: 


This is interesting because there have been reports that Pax is an emerging artist. Page Six had reported back in February that he was working under a pseudonym and was focusing on “digital and mixed media” but then Angie’s rep denied it in a statement saying that “Pax is not working as an artist under a pseudonym.”

There’s no pseudonym but could there still be the art? 

And will he perhaps be involved in Atelier Jolie? 

Atelier Jolie will launch in the fall and, presumably, the first drop will be the capsule collection with Chloé that was announced back in June. The collection will, in part, feature the work of “artisans from a Fair Trade enterprise” and “make use of deadstock and lower-impact materials”. As we have seen, Angelina has taken a thoughtful approach to this initiative, making sure it aligns with her philanthropic priorities: uplifting women from disadvantaged communities around the world and promoting sustainable practices. 


As Atelier Jolie takes up more and more of her time, I wonder then if this it the beginning of what could be a permanent move to the east. Her three oldest children are independent age now. Shiloh is 17 years old so independence is around the corner and the twins, Vivienne and Knox, just turned …15! LA was homebase in the years following the split for stability and while the children were younger. But now that they’re all growing into their own interests and building their own lives, she’s not as tied to the west coast. New York just might Angelina’s next era. 

Also attached - Angelina, Pax, and Zahara heading out of JFK this morning.