Angelina Jolie was seen with her kids at the flea market this weekend. The twins, Vivienne and Knox, they don’t look so little anymore, do they? 

It’s been a good morning for Angelina. First They Killed My Father was nominated for Best Motion Picture Foreign Language and The Breadwinner, which she executive produced, was nominated for Best Motion Picture Animated when the HFPA announced the Golden Globe nominations. First They Killed My Father still has a couple of hurdles to pass before it can make the final cut for the Oscars, but this is definitely only positive for Angelina as she continues to build momentum with the Academy. 

You’ll recall, last year, at the Golden Globes, Brad Pitt presented to a standing ovation. This was right after World War Brange and many took it to mean that Hollywood was firmly Team Pitt. One season later and it’s Angelina making the rounds on the awards circuit. For sure, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has always been all up in Angelina’s face (The Tourist!) but you cannot deny that she’s been rather warmly welcomed this season. Now I want to know who she’ll be seated with. For sure she’ll go with Loung Ung. But who else will be at their table? 

Side note: unless I’ve missed it, they’ve yet to announce a Cecil B DeMille Award recipient this year. Is it because they’ve run out of legends? Or… was it supposed to go to someone controversial and they had to rearrange? What if it was supposed to go to Kevin Spacey? The timing would have made sense, before, you know. Kevin, as we know, was supposed to be in All The Money In The World. They often schedule these awards around the recipient’s releases. Meryl Streep last year, for example, was set around Florence Foster Jenkins. This is just speculation, obviously. But the way the HPFA is recognising All The Money In The World, a film that isn’t even finished, it’s become like a f-ck you to Kevin Spacey across these nominations. Is it at all possible that it was a course-correct?