Angelina Jolie was seen with Pax and Zahara shopping at Fred Segal yesterday. Can we still call it back to school shopping? Angelina was photographed back to school shopping with Zahara and Shiloh at Kitson at couple of week ago. When I posted those shots, I made a joke about it being 2005. And Fred Segal is not too far behind that either. These were the gossip hotspots of a certain era that we associate with certain gossip headliners – Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan etc – from specifically that time. And we’ve since moved on, both from the places and the people. 

But Maddox is now 17, Pax is turning 15 soon, Zahara will be 14 in January, and Shiloh is 12. With four teenagers at home, Angelina Jolie is currently IN it. Are Z and Shiloh all about Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky? Does Angelina know all the words to Shawn Mendes’s songs because that’s all that she’s hearing from their rooms? Does she hear nothing from their rooms because they keep their headphones in? Do they beg her to arrange a meeting with Camila Cabello and Post Malone (LOL)? Does she look back blankly at them when she overhears them laughing about Cardigan Backyardigan?

As we’ve seen through the years, Angelina is very close with her children. But every teen has their secrets. And every teen needs space to have secrets. The whole point of being a teen is that your parents just don’t understand. I’m so curious about how this looks for Angelina when she has four of them in her face all the time, being that she herself in her teens was, by her own admission, the most. 

I’m also curious about her teens and their style. Zahara is wearing a GREAT outfit here – what looks like a denim romper and combat boots, right on teen trend. Which is why, to go back to the beginning, we’re seeing them at Kitson and Fred Segal. Angie has to go where her kids want to go. It’s why I have to go to Brandy Melville and Forever 21 and Hollister and American Eagle when I’m with my teenage niece. I wonder if at some point Angelina’s teens will have a say in what she wears. I’m thinking they could help?