Angelina Jolie was seen leaving dinner with Johnny Lee Miller in LA the other night – you can see the photos here. It’s the second time they’ve had dinner – that we know of – in the last few months. Back in the summer she was photographed heading to his place in New York with a bottle of wine. Reportedly they were joined by their sons so I don’t know how much of a Netflix and chill that was.


Johnny is based in NYC so presumably he’s connecting with Angelina on this trip to Los Angeles, a trip most actors who don’t live in California have to make on semi-regular basis. This dinner is probably not about work though, and of course it’s leading it renewed speculation about whether or not they’re together again after divorcing and marriages and other divorces in between and children too. 

But then again, she was just out for dinner not too long ago with The Weeknd. So…is it Abel or Johnny or neither? I feel the safe bet is that she and Johnny are friends. They were friendly after they broke up, they maintained friendliness through his marriage and hers. It seems more likely that this is just a continuation of their friendship. The Weeknd, on the other hand, that’s where all bets are off. 


Angelina was out yesterday but for non-romantic reasons. Here she is at a book signing for Know Your Rights and Claim Them. I love this grey sweater on her, this off-the-shoulder slouch is really pretty with her hair and the skirt. And she’s one of those people with one of those faces whose beauty is not obscured by a mask. Right? 

It’s her eyes. I have boring ass eyes, I need the rest of my face as support because my eyes don’t bring it. Some people have eyes that pop. And I’m not just talking about eye colour but shape and lashes and just overall energy. Gemma Chan for example has brown eyes but their almond shape makes them pop even when she’s wearing a mask. Lupita Nyong’o? Her eyes are incredible. Same with Rihanna. And, as you can see here, Angelina. This is eye privilege. It’s unfair!