Dear Gossips,

Here are some pictures I wanted to post yesterday until I started feeling like sh-t. Angelina Jolie was photographed on Sunday with Knox and two of their dogs at the pet store. Angelina and the kids have a rottweiler, Dusty (pictured in one of the photos below), who made an appearance in her Vanity Fair interview this summer. The family’s bulldog, Jacques, showed up in Brad Pitt’s GQ interview, “snoring and farting”, a couple of months before. This other dog, as far as I know, has not yet made its magazine debut. I hope that happens soon though. I need a name.

I’m sick today, some kind of flu, but Duana, Kathleen, Maria, and Sarah have you covered. And I’ll try to get to What Else this afternoon. It’ll be a catchup for me too.

Hoping to be back tomorrow on regular schedule.

Yours in gossip,