Angelina’s Halloween ice cream

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 31, 2017 15:48:03 October 31, 2017 15:48:03

Angelina Jolie stepped out yesterday to do some Halloween shopping. She also stopped for ice cream. You know what’s underappreciated about celebrity bodyguards? She was accompanied by one – or maybe more – but they know how to be framed out of a shot. Most celebrity bodyguards have learned how to do this. I wonder if it’s something that they’re trained for in advance or whether or not they figure it out on the job.

Angelina has six kids. So Halloween at her place is probably a major production. Can you imagine? I know parents of just one kid who were already over Halloween three weeks ago because it can be such a f-cking pain in the ass. You have to figure out the kids’ costumes and then if your kids insist on you having a costume, you have to spend time doing the same for yourself. And then the day comes and you have to go out there with them and the kids get wild from the excitement and the candy…

Speaking of…what’s Angelina Jolie going as for Halloween? If you say Maleficent, I’m going to say TOO EASY. Maleficent is totally the not the same as Gwyneth’s head in a box. You know what her best costume would be? Thelma. From Thelma and Louise.


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