Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt turned 9 years old yesterday. To celebrate, Angelina Jolie took them to Disneyland with their older brothers and sisters. I like that shot of Knox and Maddox seated at the front of the roller coaster. You can see Pax is two rows behind. Later on, Maddox, who turns 16 next month (16!!!), was seen checking his phone on the water tube ride, perhaps setting up his evening plans after he’s done spending time with the family. It’s summer. He’s a teenager. He’s definitely not staying home.

I also love the shots of Angelina up on the swings with Shiloh. Yesterday PEOPLE posted exclusive photos of Angelina and Shiloh on a recent trip earlier this month to Namibia, where Shiloh was born. They visited the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, a conservation project named after her at the N/a’an ku se Foundation.

So, if we’re being petty, and, um, that’s always the default, this is what Angelina’s been doing while Brad Pitt may or may not have been checking Sienna Miller.