Angelina Jolie was seen in mom pants on American Thanksgiving weekend out on a coffee run with daughters Zahara and Vivienne. Not that there would be any question who she’d be spending the holiday with. Angie is with her kids most of if not all of the time and that’s likely how it will be for the rest of 2021 as she’s done with Eternals promotion and there’s been no word on when her projects in development will start shooting. 


It was exactly a year ago that they announced she’d direct the Don McCullin biopic, Unreasonable Behaviour, with Tom Hardy producing. Since then there have been no major updates, which is not unusual in Hollywood. Projects often spend years in development and no doubt that’s the unseen work Angelina is likely doing behind the scenes before they start shooting. Publicly and front-facing though, it means it’ll be a while before she has to step out again on a red carpet. Unless of course she’s invited to present during award season. 

Speaking of public and front-facing though, Angelina joined Instagram earlier this year and at the time I wondered whether or not, since it was ahead of the Eternals release, she’d use it for movie promotion the way most celebrities do these days. There’s actually not one mention of Eternals on her IG. Her kids have shown up now and again but there is no Hollywood content – she’s so far limiting her public social media to social justice and advocacy. Not even Disney could get her to do marketing on Instagram for them. Which is kind of its own flex.