Here’s Angelina Jolie last night after Mother’s Day dinner with Pax. Not sure where the other five children were. But this has always been a mystery to me, we’ve been talking about it for years – when you have so many kids, how is it decided who gets to do what and go where? Presumably she spent the day with Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, Knox, and Pax. But when and how was it negotiated that Pax would get the evening? I feel like I’d rather know the answer to that question than what happened on the plane.

Anyway, Pax took his ma to Beauty & Essex, one of the new big deal hotspots from the TAO Group. Beauty & Essex is part of a huge complex that also includes more dining options and a nightclub and other entertainment venues. The grand opening happened in March and the goal is for the entire space to be a nightlife destination. Click here to see photos from inside Beauty & Essex. Note all those guitars hung up on the walls. I’ve never understood why adults enjoy eating among instruments, certainly now that Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Café have had their moments. In my experience, places that have guitars on the wall aren’t known for good food. I am not interested in sacrificing flavour for guitars on the wall. For Pax, though, who is 13 years old, I suppose there would be a certain appeal. Is this for kids and Disney tourists then?