Angelina Jolie has been widely acknowledged to be excellent at the game, at the fame game, and they all play the game, it’s just that some are better at it than most. Angelina is one of the best. Usually. But this… have you seen this?

On Sunday, Angelina and her longtime friend, Loung Ung, with whom she collaborated on First They Killed My Father, were photographed at the grocery store. Here are some of the shots:


And you can see more photos at the Daily Mail. They’re ridiculous. They’re ridiculous because they’re so obvious. Her hair is blown out. Note the quality of these images too. And how the photographers were able to get INSIDE the store. Angelina travels constantly with security. So her bodyguards were totally OK with photographers following her into the market, and getting right up to her while she tucks a copy of National Geographic – Jane Goodall on the cover – into her paper bag?! But Lainey, maybe she didn’t have bodyguards with her that day? Right so on the one day that a paparazzo figures out that she’s going grocery shopping, her bodyguards just happened to have taken the day off? Also, these shots are exclusive. One photographer. Not a horde of them hanging out at Gelson’s hoping to get a hit. One pap on his or her luckiest day who was allowed to follow Angelina pushing her shopping cart up and down the aisles.

This is not new. Celebrities do it all the time. B List or lower celebrities, typically. Not one of the most famous women in the world, if not the most famous woman in the world, whose strategy is, usually, much more sophisticated. What the f-ck is happening here? Why is the work of Angelina Jolie so amateur hour?