I went grocery shopping this weekend and there was already Halloween candy on display. Some people, I know, are annoyed by this. Like, f-cking let us enjoy the last moments of summer already! OK … but also? I’m one of those assholes who’s already started Christmas shopping. First week of August, aiming to be finished by Halloween. So I can’t really claim to get upset with extra advance holiday displays. Is this what Mimi and I have in common?

When you love someone the way I love Mimi, you feel sometimes as though there’s a deeper connection, a connection few will understand. I love Mimi. And … in my heart, I KNOW her. Last week, in What Else?, I wrote about Mimi showing her closet off to VOGUE. (If you haven’t watched the video, click here). Jezebel mentioned that Mimi seemed to be talking very slowwwwwly in that edit. I agree. Which is why I noted that Christmas needs to come very soon for Mimi. It’s her season. She owns it. Until Taylor Swift tries to trademark it, at which point I will be taking up arms accordingly and dying for that war. Christmas belongs to Mimi. Mimi’s never tried to claim the Fourth so everyone else, let Mimi have what’s always been hers, what always gives her a boost. 

This Christmas, however, Mimi’s made an animated movie. Based, of course, on that song. The song that pays her every year. Just before Mimi went to bed this morning (around 630am ET) Mimi tweeted a promo for All I Want For Christmas Is You:

I wonder how much of the movie Mimi’s actually seen. What I mean by that is she would of course pay attention to every single detail of her character, young “Mariah”, and not give a sh-t if every other character had three legs and one eye. “Mariah” is exactly how Mimi imagines herself in her youth. The hair moves in one sheet. Her eyebrows are perfect. The lighting is the highest quality whenever “Mariah” is in frame. And only the best side of her face is exposed, with her hair pushed behind her ears on that side – EVEN IN ANIMATION!!!

This is a level of vanity and narcissism commitment that no one can match. Mimi went to bed content this morning.