Inventing Anna update—Anna Sorokin has NOT been deported yet. There’s been some mystery about her status because of bureaucracy. She’s still in ICE custody in New York, and her lawyer filed a motion to stay her deportation, so the saga of the fake German heiress isn’t over just yet. (DListed)


We are deep in awards season and all of its many appearances and red carpets, but SXSW has been happening THIS WHOLE TIME. Well, since last week, anyway. Here is a run down of South-By fashion, including Kiernan Shipka’s cosplay of Pink circa 2004. (Go Fug Yourself)

I never know what day it is and time is a construct, but I can get behind the US Senate passing the “Sunshine Protection Act” to end Daylight Savings. I think that means darker in the morning and sunny at five PM, but who can never be sure (scientists and horologists, probably). Time is fake, and that the senate could have ended Daylight Savings at any point in the last whatever many years just proves it. Can they next pass a law making noon two hours so we can have longer lunches? (Celebitchy)


As someone who appreciates a good sneaker and a good cowboy boot, let me just that the “cowboy sneaker boot” is AN ABOMINATION THAT SHOULD BE BANISHED TO THE PITS OF HELL. (OMG Blog)

The ever so insightful Roxana Hadadi writes about The Batman bringing horniness back to Gotham with all that close-talking and the Bat and the Cat breathing words directly into each other’s mouths. I still think this version of Batman is a virgin—or hasn’t had sex in a VERY long time—but Roxana nails the sexiness of the yearning in the film. (Vulture)