For most of us, it’s Food AND Gossip. Only Anna Wintour would make it a choice between the two.

Anna was on James Corden’s show last night where they played a game called Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. They had to ask each other questions. If they didn’t want to answer the questions, they had to eat from a variety of “gross” foods on the spinning table. In my opinion, none of these foods are gross. Chinese people eat pickled pigs’ feet all the time. Same goes for thousand year eggs. Bacon wrapped pizza is amazing. Donut burgers are amazing. Fried butter?


As for the bugs – have you tried bugs? I’ve had grasshoppers. If they’re properly seasoned they just taste like flaky nuts. Cockroaches are probably the only bugs I wouldn’t eat. Because I used to kill so many cockroaches every summer in Hong Kong I’m too familiar with their guts. I would totally eat a junebug.

Anyway, the point is, eating is apparently difficult for Anna. But so is gossiping on live television. And here we are. Neither of them give anything away. The questions themselves, however, already tell us everything. Because these are the questions that form the basis of the real conversations they have with each other. Who’s the worst at Carpool Karaoke? Who’s the worst at a dinner party? Who ate too much at one of Anna’s dinner parties and will never be invited back? I want that person to be Chrissy Teigen. I would love it if Chrissy went to Anna’s and actually enjoyed the food instead of pretending to enjoy the food and was judged for it and then ended up telling us about it on social media.