Dear Gossips,

So many tiaras! 

As expected, there were a lot of virgin brides. There were a few Matrix brides. To me, at least, it could have been a Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth and Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love theme party. But it wasn’t disappointing. There were some disappointments, but this Met Gala was NOT disappointing. Because there is so much to talk about! 

So how do we talk about it? 

Well, we start by deciding what NOT to talk about. After a while, bride after bride, some of them started to look the same. Those are the ones who will be omitted from today’s coverage. For the ones who remain though, not all of them deserve their own post. You deserve your own post if you are Rihanna…or if you are tragic. If you are neither, you have to share. Spoiler alert: that would be Blake Lively. 

But before we get started, let’s give this space to Anna Wintour because if the rumours are true, Anna will soon be stepping down at Conde Nast. Supposedly. I don’t know if I believe it. Could Anna Wintour stand to give up control over the magazine and over this event? Could she relinquish the opportunity once a year to make people beg her to let them come? Is it just me or was Anna smiling a lot more at this Met Gala than in years past? Like, with teeth too. This doesn’t seem to come naturally for her. What does it mean? Is there something sinister to what it might portend? We’ll come back to that in time. For now, our priority is to break down as many looks as possible. 

This is an all-nighter for us so if you’re joining us in the morning, please scroll down and flip through the pages to get caught up – it’s a heavy day here on the blog and we are anticipating over 30 posts. Heads up: if you’re looking for Amal Clooney, she’s coming up early which means you have to go back to find her post. As always, please keep sending us your emails and tweets, shouting about your favourite looks and all your WTFs. Amal, for me, was a WTF. Duana, ever the contrarian, might have something different to say. 

Are we overloaded on headpieces yet? 

Yours in gossip,