The post previous to this one was partly about Nicole Kidman and her upcoming rom-com co-starring Zac Efron in which she plays a woman dating her daughter’s boss who happens to be a movie star. In a few days, hopefully everyone will be watching Anne Hathaway in movie about a woman who starts dating her daughter’s pop idol. The Idea of You comes out on Prime Video on Thursday and have I mentioned how much I love this movie, lol. 


Sarah has the review coming up later this week, but what I can tell you in advance is that I saw it before her, hyped it up to her, and the contrarian that she can be… she still enjoyed it! That’s the power of the Anniessance! In my opinion it impossible not to fall in love with her in this film. She is as committed to this performance in this rom-com as she has been to any of her other performances, from Les Miserables to Rachel Getting Married to The Devil Wears Prada to The Princess Diaries. 


Here's Annie yesterday in New York with Gabrielle Union promoting the film at 92NY, every inch the f-cking smokeshow in head to toe black leather. 

Snatched, as the kids say. 


And if you’re wondering why Gabrielle is there, she’s a producer on the film. She and Robinne Lee, who wrote the book, are friends. It was Gabby who optioned it and it was Gabby who enlisted Annie to star in it, so Gabby’s a boss on this project, along with Anne who also produced, and together they’re making our rom-com dreams come true. Be thankful! 

But also let’s not sleep on Gabby’s look from yesterday. She said she only had 30 minutes to get ready and was in such a rush but this fit is giving prepared and perfect. Loose but structured white shirt that’s kinda like a chef’s jacket over black culottes and an excellent braided pony, chic AF. 

Gabrielle Union attends a screening of The Idea Of You in New York, April 28, 2024