Anne Hathaway was papped in New York yesterday, just as she was having a viral moment for her latest TikTok video. She’s only been on TikTok for a month and so far hasn’t been heavy with the content, but the three TikToks she has posted have been excellent. 


The first one was basically fan service, mother service, giving the gays what they came for. 


⏰⏰⏰⏰ 😳🫢🫡🤗

♬ original sound - Anne Hathaway

The second one was sponcon because a girl has to get paid, and Bulgari is DELUXE. Also our site manager Emily and I love this one because it’s set to my favourite song off of Billie Eilish’s new album, “Birds of a Feather”. 


What a privilege and honor to be a brand ambassador for a storied company like @Bvlgari. Thank you to the entire family for hosting me at this spectacular evening celebrating the #BvlgariAeterna in Rome!!! ✨❤️

♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Billie Eilish

Which brings us to the latest – a beauty hack, Annie the influencer showing us how to get that temporary lip plump, with a hairpin. 


The more you know 🌠 #liptok

♬ Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor

Or you could just get someone to kiss the sh-t out of you. Right, right, you’re right. A hairpin is way more accessible. I appreciate this from Annie though, because I do this…but with my teeth. And it’s awkward. Using a hair accessory is way easier. And not permanent. I say this because with lip injections, it’s always the f-cking upper lip that never looks right. Or, rather, it can go so wrong. You really need a light hand with it, like the most feather of touches – otherwise it’s that goddamn shelf effect that has become a signature feature of LA Face. Those rich white ladies want to look like that at this point but after all these years getting accustomed to it, it still looks weird to me. 


Anyway, back to Annie yesterday, because we actually haven’t seen much of her since she was on The Idea of You press tour. The movie was a huge success on Prime so it surprised me that she skipped the victory lap – no Met Gala, no major appearances…but maybe that’s the flex. She was in Atlanta filming, she doesn’t need the public gloat, Annie says she’s a lot more self-assured about her celebrity in her 40s, and it shows. 

Here she is in a very Anne Hathaway outfit with the floppy hat and those f-cking mesh sandals that are the shoe of the season. It’s not going to be me… but everyone else is all over them.