Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor were seen in Atlanta yesterday on the set of Flowervale Street.

Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor in Atlanta on the set of Flowervale Street, April 4, 2024

As you can see from their costumes, the movie is set in the early 80s, they play parents, and while exact plot details have not been revealed, this is supposed to be some kind of thriller that may or may not involve… dinosaurs? 


JJ Abrams, secret storyline, 80s… this is giving Cloverfield, right? For sure it’s an event movie because it’s opening next May, which means box office hopes, and in IMAX, too, which means VFX and sonic booms. 

My takeaway from this? 

Anne Hathaway’s range!


We’re less than a month away from seeing her in a sexy rom-com in which she plays a single mother having an affair with a boy-bander. Mother’s Instinct, her psychological melodrama, noir-ish vibes, co-starring Jessica Chastain was recently released in the UK. She and Michaela Coel play lovers in the upcoming Mother Mary. And now she’s running from dinosaurs in what sounds like a sci-fi, ,big(ger) budget summer blockbuster. So she’s swinging from sexy to action to drama to comedy to indie to period pieces to tentpoles…

Everything is breaking Annie’s way right now as she gets deeper into her 40s, it’s not only not slowing down, she’s as hot, in all senses as of the word, as she has ever been. And we love to see it! 

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