Dear Gossips,  

Anne Hathaway was sat next to Anna Wintour yesterday at the Michael Kors show and people instantly made the connection. 


Was that intentional? Was she cosplaying herself playing a character in The Devil Wears Prada? I want to believe it, I want to believe that she’s having fun like that with fashion, although it’s not really the fashion that’s giving Andy Sachs here. It’s the hair, specifically the bangs. 

Just a few days ago, at the US Open, Annie wasn’t doing the bangs. 


The week before that she wasn’t doing bangs at the Telluride Film Festival either. 


Annie brought the bangs out for New York Fashion Week and Anna Wintour/Miranda Priestley. I really love this move. She’s been serving looks all summer from Cannes to Rome and she’s about to kick off a press tour so we’ll see more. Annie was in Telluride to promote Armageddon Time, directed by James Gray and also starring Jeremy Strong and Sir Anthony Hopkins. It opens wide at the beginning of November; with that cast and with the film playing well in Cannes and Telluride, there could be some award season potential here. 


Yours in gossip,