I didn’t love Anne Hathaway’s Versace dress at the Clooney Foundation gala last week. But in general I do really enjoy her collaboration with stylist Erin Walsh so that look was an exception. 


The standard that Annie and Erin have established over the last year or so is more in line with what we saw from Annie this morning at Good Morning America. 

Anne Hathaway at Good Morning America, October 3, 2023

This is a throwdown for Outfit of the Week. Like, today is only Tuesday, but already Anne has come out dropping bombs with this fit. It’s a Dion Lee set and it’s amazing. The drop denim corset over the drop trouser that’s under the denim waist?! So f-cking good…and available…but expensive. If you’re in the market, you can shop the look here at SSENSE. The jacket, if you’re curious, is a zip-back. And Annie is wearing the sh-t out of it. So this is the fit to beat this week. And I’m not sure that’s possible. 

She is there, by the way, to promote a film called She Came To Me which opens this weekend. SAG-AFTRA granted an interim agreement so the cast, which also includes Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei (who was with Annie on GMA today), can promote it. 


She Came To Me is a rom-com about an opera composer played by Peter, married to Annie, and he’s struggling to write his next piece until he meets Marisa. The trailer looks great. If it rains and I can’t golf this weekend, I’m going to see this movie. Because, oh yeah, one more important piece of information: it was written and directed by Rebecca Miller whose work I adore.