Thanks Kristy for the heads up.

One of these objects is a Cyrus. Noah Lindsey Cyrus. 9 years old.


You must CLICK HERE for more of these images. If you can stomach it.

Anyway, Noah Lindsey is also some kind of child actor. She’s here with a co-star posing on a red carpet on Saturday at a pool party.

How many shades of f-cked up are you seeing???

How much mascara are they wearing???

Meanwhile Noah Lindsey’s older sister Miley, also known as JailBait, was at the MTV Movie Awards last night winning for Best Song.

I LOVE that Abigail Breslin cut her eye at it when she was rushing the stage. And Leighton Meester could barely stand to touch her. VERY Blair Waldorf.

Who could blame them?

How f-cking grind your teeth, Chinese water torture, five year migraine annoying was that little twat when she went up to collect her award? Violence is WRONG. But I know you. I know more than a few of you clenched your fists and itched to punch. As did I.


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