Dear Gossips,   

Like many of you, all I’ve been able to think about is what happened to those kids and what their families are going through. Last night on CNN, one of the analysts walked through, in devastating detail, the immediate future of the parents of the children who were murdered – after waiting to find out the horrible truth, they’d then have to …confirm it. Eventually they’d go home only to see those empty little beds. Which is where a child should be after a day at school. 


Still, over and over again, kids go to school and don’t come home because of gun violence. 

You don’t have to be American to care about this, to feel this pain, and the anger too. And we don’t have to limit conversations about it to news sites and shows. Steve Kerr certainly didn’t: 


Amanda Gorman wrote about the inhumanity. There is no humanity if kids are being murdered at school. There is no humanity if school becomes, as she also writes, a place where kids have to take shelter and huddle, hiding themselves instead of spreading their wings, open to discovery. There is no humanity when an elementary school becomes not a place to discover yourself but a place where your tiny body is being recovered. 


The antidote to inhumanity is hope. Where is the hope though? The hope is in the people who continue to push for change. Their efforts continue today, in spite of setback after setback after setback. 

Visit the Everytown website to learn how you can participate and join the movement. 

For more on how you can help the victims of Uvalde, Texas, the NY Times published a list here

Yours in gossip,