As some of you may know, I’m one of five co-hosts on a daytime talk show here in Canada called The Social. If you’ve been to The Social, you’ve probably met one of our MVPs, our secret sauce, one of the reasons our show is the most fun: Derek Forgie, our audience coordinator. People often want their photos taken with him more than they want photos with us. Every time a celebrity comes to The Social, they can’t believe his energy. And you can tell that they’re comparing him to everyone they’ve worked with in the same capacity, wondering how to steal some of his buzz. Wondering if they might be able to steal him from us. He is delightful, he is a true Canadian original, and a content creator in his own right. 

Derek is a comedian with an online show called 10Minute Talk Show that was just nominated for 2 Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Taped Live Performance. Congratulations Derek! Here’s his most recent episode featuring one of the most beloved journalists in Canada, Marci Ien, also a co-host on The Social. 


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