The big royal headline yesterday was about Kate of House Cambridge having to go into quarantine because she was exposed to someone with COVID. Is there a weird timeline situation going on here? Are people being squirrely about it? (Cele|bitchy) 


This is my nightmare. I once went for a spa treatment where they wrap your body and it’s supposed to be this super relaxing thing and I panicked and made them stop and couldn’t continue with the service. So the idea my husband doing this to me with clingwrap? No thank you. Speaking of clingwrap, you know the huge box of clingwrap you can get from Costco? We’ve had ours since 2000 and it hasn’t run out yet but I feel like we’re getting closer. That box has moved four times with us, including cross-country. It has been 21 years. The box is getting lighter and lighter. I might cry when it ends. (Dlisted) 

You know who’s done with leisure suits and elastic waist band pants? Clearly celebrities, at least this week. And it was never something Lady Gaga was every going to make a full-time thing anyway. Gaga is all about the spectacle, which is why designers want to dress her. Because she will SERVE it in their clothes the way she’s serving it here. My favourite photo is the last one in this gallery though. Because she went home with a pizza box. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Stephen Dorff (as some of you younger people, probably Anastasia, say…who?!) talked some sh-t the other day and the internet came for him. Here’s how I tell people about Stephen Dorff whenever I have to: he was in Britney’s video for “Everytime”. And then we talk about Britney and that song and … well… right. Stephen who? (Pajiba) 

I saw Paul Rudd trending on Twitter yesterday and my mind went to… are people freaking out about his age again? And it turns out it’s not his preternaturally youthful appearance but what he did to Seth Rogen one time which is… chef’s kiss. So f-cking good. (Vulture)