Ariana Grande’s Eternal Sunshine has been on steady play in my household. I like it a lot but it’s Jacek who can’t get enough of it. Also where I live “We Can’t Be Friends” is on heavy rotation, so I feel like I’m personally exposed to the album but I’m not sure if that’s true of other people and other feeds. 


The numbers for Eternal Sunshine were decent but not spectacular but it’s also kind of a slow burn album and Ariana seemed to be taking a slow burn strategy to the release of it too. For sure, she promoted it upon release but I wouldn’t call it the most in-your-face of press tours which I appreciate. Because sometimes you just have to let an album find its audience on its own. 


Last Friday, Ari dropped the latest video for the next single for Eternal Sunshine, “The Boy Is Mine”. And if you’re going to title a song after one of the most iconic songs of the last 30 years, it’s a very good idea to hit up the OGs, Brandy and Monica, who show up at the beginning as newscasters looking like no time has passed at all. 

From there it’s Ariana as Catwoman, a character she’s been cosplaying virtually her entire career, stalking Penn Badgley, the greasy mayor of Gotham which of course is a twist on You, IYKYK. Halle Berry approves: 


I approved… right up until the ending. Because until the ending I thought she’d be taking out the real rat instead of, I dunno, taming him? The cat and rat live happily ever after? I’m a rom-com girl through and through but this is not the romance I signed up for. 

As for her real-life romance, that was on display too this weekend as Ari and Ethan Slater were at game one of the Stanley Cup Finals in Florida where she watched her home team win over the Oilers. Meanwhile her ex, Dalton Gomez, is now Instagram official with Maika Monroe and this is pretty much at the one-year mark of Ari and Dalton confirming their split. 


Will they or won’t they still be together when Wicked Part 2 comes out in November 2025? Tell me what you think over at The Squawk. (app link here)