There’s been a lot of talk this week about what to do with your hair during lockdown because as many people are overdue for colour touchups and haircuts. Stylists are cautioning people to stay away from the scissors. This is not a problem for my husband because he’s been cutting his own hair now for years. In fact, not only does he cut his own hair, last week he gave himself a new style. It actually looks pretty good. Unlike Armie Hammer. Not that he thinks he looks good and the way it’s sounding, he’ll have more than enough time to grow it back before restrictions are lifted. But there are some people who look good with a mohawk and some who don’t. (Dlisted)

What have tennis players been during lockdown? I guess Rafa Nadal is just like the rest of us and baking. Meanwhile, Serena Williams has a Snow White costume just lying around and put it to use. I love how goofy she is sometimes. (Cele|bitchy)


Holy sh-t. 2005 was a mess on the red carpet. Justin Timberlake looked like a douchebag, which shouldn’t surprise you. And Blake Lively is almost unrecognisable and all the hair was terrible and that Jonas Brothers photo just cracked me up and… wait, what? Like the FUG Girls, I was like, what is Bruce Willis doing with Avril Lavigne?! Don’t worry. It was a work thing. (Go Fug Yourself)  

Did you know that Elmo has a dad? Did you know that his dad looks like he’s permanently from 2003 with that soul patch? He could have been at the Kids’ Choice Awards back then with the soul patch. (Pajiba)  

This is the perfect time for another installment of The Cut’s “I Think About” series. And even though I hadn’t been thinking about this, I’m happy to have had the suggestion to think about it: Joe Pesci’s rap career. No, that was not a random selection of words just thrown together. This is a thing that happened. Could still happen? (The Cut)