Here’s a better story about Armie Hammer that doesn’t involve him pouting and packing up his toys and going home because someone wrote a think-piece about his privilege on the internet. And it has to do with his balls. Armie’s balls had to be digitally reduced in Call Me By You Name because they were too bulging and distracting. Is that kind of like the time a bear digitally violated Leonardo DiCaprio in The Struggle Of The Revenant? Oscar! (Dlisted) 

This is a wonderful suit on Daisy Ridley. It’s the hits of pink that make it. And it’s also a wonderful series of pants during this press tour. The Fug Girls point out that she’s been in a lot of pants, maybe exclusively pants. I’m into that. I’m into a theme, always. And if this is her theme – great. It’s winter. Wear the f-cking pants! (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’ve not posted about Taylor Swift this week. I don’t think I posted about her last week. And she has the #1 album in the world right now. The album is good. I like it. Sometimes I really like it. But not all the time. And definitely not all the songs. There’s a song called King Of My Heart that I can’t. Anyway, usually the Grammys love Taylor. But yesterday the Grammys, with their new and improved voting system, didn’t have much love for Taylor. Look What You Made Me Do was not nominated in the video category. And it was supposed to be this amazing video moment. Is Taylor Swift not that popular with the recording academy anymore now that more actual members have a say? Or is Taylor Swift just saving up her Grammy efforts for next year when the entire album will be eligible? (Cele|bitchy) 

Gah! Another quiz! Who has time for quizzes? Nobody. Me! Always! I need a support group for quiz addiction. This quiz is about whether or not you’re Euro or American. I chose Oreos (because I will always choose Oreos) and red velvet cake and I still came out Euro, which surprised me. (Buzzfeed) 

Back in the day, Bobbi Brown makeup was the sh-t. I can’t actually confirm if it was the sh-t because I never knew how to do makeup until a few years ago but everybody always talked about Bobbi Brown like it was the sh-t. What happened to Bobbi Brown? Well, she quit. And this is what she’s doing now. (The Cut) 

As we alllllll expected, with Matt Lauer, of course it wasn’t just one victim. OF COURSE, like so many others before him, it was pattern and there are many women who have stories about his grossness and manipulation. He too pulled a Louis CK with his dick. And he gave out vibrators accompanied by personal notes. And he used his power to silence and intimidate them. (Variety)