Dear Gossips, 

Beyoncé decided to let us know how she spent part of her birthday last week. We know she was on stage in Los Angeles and that was the part of her birthday she allowed the public to celebrate with her. But then privately, of course, there was another event. BDAY. 


And both her parents were there – this is a rare shot: Miss Tina and Mathew together for their daughter, the Queen. 

Last night Beyoncé was in Vancouver. She kicked off the North American leg of Renaissance on the other side of the country, in Toronto. We got two shows, and we are grateful to have been chosen. Vancouver was only scheduled for one show… but they got Blue! 


Beyoncé also gave them some flex. Look at her handling this note… casually!


Her Beyjesty is nearing the end of the tour, at least for now, at least the North American leg. There are rumours that more dates will be added since she hasn’t yet played Latin America or Asia. Until then though, she’s working her way home to Houston. Houston is the series of shows everyone has eyes on. Kathleen and I were actually thinking of going but we were waiting for the ticket prices to come down and, well, this isn’t going to help: 

Beyoncé AND Meg? Yeah no, there will be no discounts. The two gods of Houston together on one stage …

Those of you who are lucky to be there, I am jealous. Enjoy your life!

Yours in gossip,