The Fug Girls are right – Margot Robbie is getting celebrated a LOT. And, as they note in this post, they will probably get some angry emails about this comment, and I’ll get some too because I’m commenting on her comment. But I agree with them in that, of course, Margot Robbie is talented, and it’s amazing that she’s producing and really active in building a career based on her choices but it is a bit soon for all these career achievement events, isn’t it? (Go Fug Yourself)


There are apparently bedrooms at Twitter offices and now there’s an investigation about violation of code. People are criticising Elon Musk because of the kind of work culture the bedrooms represent, since we’ve been hearing stories about employees who have been asked – or forced – to stay and work around the clock because only then can you prove to Elon that you’re hardcore. I have questions about these rooms though. Like, how often are they sanitised? Love my colleagues but I don’t want to be sleeping on the same pillow after they drooled all over it and they would probably say the same about me. (Dlisted) 

There are many libraries that have rejected Kirk Cameron’s story hour to promote his children’s book. But he probably also deliberately asked those libraries knowing they’d reject him so he could double down on his f-cksh-t. (Cele|bitchy) 

Seth Meyers asked Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph who should replace Lorne Michaels when he retires which is like a brother asking his two sisters who they want for a stepfather. Are we talking about a Lorne Michaels retirement? I mean, it has been forever, but I can’t see him leaving… is he leaving? (Pajiba) 

Taylor Swift is doing Variety’s Directors on Directors series and you know the deal with these features – it’s for Oscar campaign season. Yes, Taylor’s part of that conversation because she’s campaigning for a nomination for her short film, All Too Well. Get ready to hear the words, “Taylor Swift, Oscar nominee”.  (Variety)