A year ago on Monday, January 20, 2020, was my first post about Justin Timberlake in the new year. He and Jessica Biel were sighted in New York two months after he was photographed super drunk and holding hands with a co-star at a bar in New Orleans. You’ll recall, in his apology post on social media, at the very end, he promoted his movie, Palmer! He took the opportunity while saying sorry to his wife for his “strong lapse of judgement” to let us know that his movie is awesome. How considerate! You may also recall, if you’re a regular visitor of this site, that the moment the scandal happened, I predicted that there would be a baby. And now we’ve come full circle. 


One year later, Justin is talking about the baby, revealed on today’s episode of Ellen, and he’s promoting the movie, which will be released on Apple TV+ on January 29. The child, his and Jessica’s second son, is called Phinneas. 


JT mentioned that “nobody’s sleeping” and it sounds like it. In that clip, he is low energy – understandable considering they have a newborn and a five-year-old. But the show must go on. The movie but first the inauguration. Justin is confirmed to be one of the performers on Wednesday night. “Celebrating America” will be hosted by Tom Hanks celebrating the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration and Justin will join Ant Clemons, a bright new talent, on a song they co-wrote and released last month. I like “Better Days” a lot. It 100% fits the moment. “Better Days are coming” indeed.