Jessica Alba’s loafer mystery 

I was absolutely tickled to get a picture from an actual PRINT magazine of Jessica Alba in Real Simple. This is styled by Erin Walsh, a big time stylist who made time for this spread. The shoe in question that has stumped me this week is the white loafer? espadrille? slide? - seen below. These shoes are not monogrammed with a brand which immediately made me think of the usual suspects : The RowCeline and Margiela all make a white loafer, but it’s not this white loafer. There’s what looks like a brow trim and a double layered sole and slight block heel. Then I found Marsèll and then Khaite and Jil Sander and A.Emery. So many really good white loafer options. And yet, not these. Where are these loafers?


But there are a couple of things at play here. One, I wonder if these were lace-ups and were styled lace-less, so I’m looking for the wrong loafer. Typically magazines list the credits but the person who requested has the hard copy of this magazine and there’s no brand credits. This is strange to me as usually it would be “Jessica Alba is wearing S/S 2024 Chloe dress…” etc. It’s standard. And then it got me thinking: how did a big stylist like Erin Walsh get onto a Real Simple shoot? No shade to Real Simple at all but her day rate would be significant for any magazine’s budget. One brand is highlighted throughout the shot: Tiffany & Co. Jessica is wearing a lot of Tiffany jewellery and while this doesn’t seem like their typical splashy campaign (they had Jay-Z and Beyonce!) or glossy ad, we are leading up to Valentine’s Day. The kind of business Tiffany & Co. does on Valentine’s Day is the kind of jewellery Jessica is wearing here, not the honking yellow diamonds. Erin Walsh posted about the shoot and only tagged Tiffany. So that makes me think this was sponsorship and therefore no other brands would be tagged. Are we at the end of the road then? 


Here’s the cover. Below that is a screenshot of the page (we are really going analog here). Have you seen these loafers? (I’m on it Meg!)

Jessica Alba's loafers

Devery Jacobs in a blinged out black suit

I love a late night request because I think it’s a very tough medium to dress for because you have to sit and chat. It requires a level of relaxation and clothing plays into that. And there are no rules. It’s like the business casual of celebrity dressing because no one really knows what the dress code is and so some people show up in gowns and some people show up in jeans and sneakers. I like the unpredictability of it. I received a request for Devery Jacobs’s suit on Seth Meyers and I love it. It looks reasonably comfortable and flowy but it’s also intricate and delicate. 


Its CUCCULELLI SHAHEEN, a made-to-order line out of New York that specializes in bead work. Here is the exact suit. (Thanks Dianne!) 


Jesse Tyler Ferguson seems like a nice person

OK that title is bit strange but in thinking about Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is a popular guy, all I can think is that he seems fairly nice and down to earth. He is very well liked by his peers. If you’ve made piles of money in a sitcom and use that to travel and host a podcast and go to the theatre and raise a family well, that seems fun. His crochet sweater is by Corridor and there are a few left at Nordstrom (be warned, it’s expensive ). (Thanks Misha!)