Strike Style Continues (with Allison Janney)

A lot of our favourites continue to show up on the strike line, which I’m sure annoys the heck out of studios (especially when it’s beloved TV show reunions!). Allison Janney joined her West Wing cast on the picket line wearing a great plaid bucket hat with an oversize brim (even better for sun protection!). It’s Madison Maison and on sale right now (but yes, it’s still spendy). (Thanks Romana!)


Brooklyn Decker’s perfect flats

As soon as I saw this photo of Brooklyn Decker, I knew it would be included this week because it’s a great daytime look for an event. It’s a great nighttime look too! The dress is Batsheva. And the shoes? At first glance I would describe this as a Mary Jane style, and maybe it is, but it’s also a ballet flat, right? Like a mix of the two. And what’s really special here is the T-strap; a lot of flats have a horizontal strap or an ankle strap, but a T-strap is rare. I zoomed in and it looks like there’s two interlocking CC’s which can only mean one thing – Chanel. That makes sense because I haven’t found these online and Chanel doesn’t really offer online shopping and does not post all of its items online. Then I hit a dead end. T-strap Mary Janes are hard to find. T-strap ballet flats are nearly impossible. There’s a Gucci Marmont pair available this season, as well as a T-strap flat from Toteme. Not Chanel but not exactly affordable either. 

For more options, it takes a bit of digging. It comes down to priorities when finding a good dupe. What’s the most important of element of the shoe for you: the toe shape, the strap or the patent finish? Start a search there. There are a few options on Etsy, including these (you can customize the colour combo, I’d go with black on black) and these, which have a little more of a pointed toe or these, which are closest in shape to Brooklyn’s but don’t have the patent shine. This pair nails the patent but lacks the t-strap. 


Lots of good choices for fall and I think it goes without saying that ballet flats are back. (Thanks Stephanie!)


Made in the UK

I love a bit of reality TV and honestly I don’t touch the UK stuff because I know I would be addicted and I do like leaving my house occasionally. This is a request for a sweater worn by Miles Nazaire on Made in Chelsea. It’s grey and fuzzy with a heart and what looks like random letters. It’s All Saints, here’s a link but it appears to be sold out. 

I know nothing about this show or this person but to quote Bridget Jones, “Ding dong.” (If he ends up being evil please do not @ me, I do not know this man!!!!) (Thanks Lucy!)


Kelly Clarkson’s Robe

This request has really stumped me so I’m taking it to the people and hoping we can crowd source a solution. It’s a Kelly Clarkson robe that she wore on her show – it looks like green (but TV lighting can be tricky) with black embroidery. These are commonly referred to as kimono robes for Google purposes and I’ve exhausted all of Kelly’s favourite brands (like Ulla Johnson, Farm Rio, Anthropologie, ASOS, Free People, Etro, Zadig & Voltaire, Lena Hoschek, R13, LoveShack Fancy, Christian Siriano and more). I also checked lingerie brands and nada. Her wardrobe is pretty well-documented so it’s a real pickle but I do think it’s hiding in plain sight. If you’ve seen this robe, email me!

The Bear, Chicago Style

To Ashley: I have owed you this forever: Sydney’s duck sweater in season two of The Bear. I’m quite sure it’s a vintage find or custom sewn (as select pieces from Sydney’s wardrobe are). But I did come across some amazing Syd cams on TikTok that trace her wardrobe. 


That’s what we got so far! There are more to come! But i wanna do a sum of Syd’s wardrobe season 2! Enjoy ◡̈ ! . . #thebear#thebearfx #thebearsydney #seriesoutfit #seriesrecommendation #huluoriginal #fashiontiktok #fyp

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