Busy, again (and again)

So the thing with Busy Philipps is I can’t fault anyone for sending me these requests. I scroll past her photos and expect the requests to follow and here it is. This white sweater is fantastic but unfortunately, this looks just like a sold-out Sezane sweater. I want to talk about her Mean Girls premiere look but I suspect Lainey will beat me to it. Just in case she doesn’t – did you see this dress? I LOVE it. 


There are similar looks (search “pointelle sweater”) – I found a few options here, here and here.


Da’Vine Joy Randolph in cream

What’s not to love about this photo? Henry Winkler is tickled, Charles Melton is chiselled and Da’Vine Joy Randolph is chilling. I had a request for her cozy, but still put together, plane outfit. This is the kind of look you want to wear when you might bump into other celebrities on the plane but don’t want to suffer in jeans. Did we not talk about the monochromatic look that veers away from sweatsuits? Well here is the perfect example. This is Pretty Little Things and it’s on sale!


Gaga’s studio sweater

I miss Lady Gaga on the red carpet and her presence in general because I think she’s so entertaining. But when Gaga wants to go quiet, she is very quiet. No pap shots and no leaks. She needs to recharge because when she goes into an era, she goes all in. She is a legit movie star and a legit pop star, the likes of which we have not seen in a generation. No one is performing with U2 and starring in a comic book movie and showing up for Bradley Cooper (as a favour to him!) – that’s the level she’s working at. OK, to the outfit she posted from the studio. The sweater is by The Elder Statesman and I feel like I’m seeing The Elder Statesman everywhere, the same way we saw Ganni everywhere two years ago. Striped sweaters are their speciality. 


Sorry, it’s sold out in the colour Gaga is wearing. I’m not a miracle worker!


OK no really this is the last chance for sales

Thank you to those who have sent me “should I buy this?” questions. Making these kind of low-stakes decisions for other people is truly my love language. But I will say… we are pushing it with the sales. Like this week might actually be it. And I learned my lesson because I had 20% off a pair of boots in my cart and didn’t act and the sale ended. Injustice! (PS: do you know you can sometimes ask the customer service person very nicely if they still have a 20% off code and they will just give it to you). I also have personal news: I bought cargo pants. Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey have been wearing cargos for over a year but people who lived through the 90s  needed a minute to get comfortable with the fact that yes, cargos are really back. You know who kills a pair of cargos? Justin Bieber. 


Also, here’s Lori Harvey in an epic pair of green pants that only Lori Harvey can pull off.