Busy Philipps’s Barbie moment 

I don’t think Busy Philipps’s sunglasses have anything to do with Barbie but in the summer of 2023, everything pink is Barbiecore. In her podcast, she mentioned these are from Emmanuelle Kahn and she purchased them at Saks. That’s the good news. The not-great news it that EK’s online store has lots of bright frames but not this exact pair (this pair is close). 


But wait, there’s more good news going back to Barbiecore: every designer is cashing in on the trend so there’s loads of hot pink sunglasses right now. 

EmRata again

Is Emily Ratajkowski an influencer? I don’t mean in the spon-con way but there is a lot of interest in what she wears. Does that interest translate into trends or is she simply reflecting the current fashion moment (which is different than creating a moment)? Each time a celebrity is deemed well-dressed by the powers that be (like Vogue), it’s worth asking why. More often than not, the women are thin models and actresses. It’s not a coincidence that all the “best dressed” women follow a pattern. That doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish but there’s a lot of biases at play about who can wear what. That said, the 90s tiny t-shirt, big jeans look is in right now and last week I wrote about her Cara Mia tank top and I was asked about her jeans. It is Adrian Cashmere dark green denim and I’m beyond confused. Cashmere jeans. Maybe I’m a bumpkin but I’ve never heard of such a thing?! Cashmere. Jeans. How is that even possible? These seem like diametrically opposed concepts. The idea doesn’t even fit inside my brain. 


Jennifer Garner’s cross-body bag

“The Rowification” era of fashion, perhaps due to Barbiecore backlash?, is growing. The phrase describes the move to luxury minimalism (which The Row specializes in). Jennifer Lawrence’s recent wardrobe Rowification has been a hit and I know other stylists are taking note. Jennifer Garner stepped out with a big-ass cross body bag and there’s no discernable branding, which immediately led me to The Row. It’s the mail bag (sold out nearly everywhere) so the best chance here is a reseller. Like all things The Row it’s expensive but a quality leather cross-body bag with a flap is nearly always available – pick your designer. 


Karlie Kloss’s plus one

Karlie Kloss’s attendance at the Taylor Swift concert caused all sorts of fuss, so much so that her friend Misha Hess practically went unnoticed. Misha (maiden name Nonoo) is a designer and socialite, often credited with setting up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. She’s also married to Mikey Hess, a very rich guy who has loads of celebrity friends. Years ago, Taylor played his birthday party and there were rumours they were maybe something a little more. Anyway, the point here is that Misha and Mikey are insanely connected and rich and can pay for any ticket (so can Karlie) so I’m wondering how they ended up in those seats. Now that we have gone on that long and maybe unnecessary detour, a reader wrote in to ask about Misha’s red dress. It’s Ami Paris.