Cameron Diaz’s cooking classes

Last week I posted about Cameron Diaz’s zucchini nachos or something and while her recipes are not my thing, I always enjoy Cameron Diaz. I had a request come in for this striped button down and it’s R13, a brand that isn’t quite a household name. 


It blew up years ago with the crossover jeans (it still makes them –some pairs are over $700) and now is all about distressed tees and plaid shirts (if you see a celebrity in a plaid shirt, it’s probably R13). (Thanks Tracy!)


Speaking of button-downs, Kaia Gerber wore a great white button down in Paris and it’s Madewell. Jenna Lyons (who I will talk about more in a minute) packed for Europe with 5 white shirts and I’m guessing at least one is J.Crew from her era but she also wears Brooks Brothers. Most people probably don’t need 5 but a white button down is great for jeans, for work, for dinner, for traveling, for a bathing suit cover up. You can wear it with jeans, with slacks, with a skirt, with denim shorts or with sweatpants. There is not a situation I can think of where a white button down wouldn’t come in handy. Pick the fit you feel most comfortable in (there’s usually slim, classic or boyfriend style) and go with 100% cotton. Not a blend! Cotton holds up, it wears well, it washes well. 


Jenna Lyons: not a basic Housewife

Jenna Lyons shook the Bravoverse with her reunion look – she wore jeans! I don’t think any Housewife has ever worn jeans to a reunion. Usually they wear atrocious gowns that fit a colour theme. Anyway, so many people are commenting that the jeans ruin the look and it would look better with slacks. That’s a fundamental misunderstanding of this outfit, of Jenna, and of style. (The jeans are Levi’s, of course!)


A Word on The Upcoming Shopping Extravaganza

Prime Day is coming and Amazon will have some good basics (like Stan Smiths, Levi’s, Fruit of the Loom t-shirts – and also it really is the best time to buy a new vacuum) but if you want to opt out of that whole consumerism circus, I understand. The thing with being such a powerful shopping platform is that Amazon sets the schedule for sales now; most brands and sites will be doing something to capitalize on the increase in shoppers online. That means your favourite site or brand will likely have sales that line up with Prime Day. 

Money is really tight now and that, combined with a lot of garbage fast fashion and the environmental and socio-economic impact of constant shopping, has made people question every purchase. It’s a fine line because clothing is essential (especially a good coat or shoes with winter coming) but it’s not just utilitarian for some. Some people enjoy the hunt of finding good pieces and great deals and really get joy out of getting dressed. How do we do it without being over-consumers? I don’t quite know! 

If you really like shopping but really shouldn’t be shopping – how to navigate the next couple of weeks? Plan ahead. Don’t panic buy. Get on the mailing lists, which is the first place that gets the deal information. And I received a question about the secret Aritzia sale that’s coming – it’s like the warehouse sale (which happens in Vancouver every year and very The Hunger Games) but online. It’s a separate website and some customers are getting sneak previews, but it’s very random and starts tomorrow. Good luck.