Camila Mendes’s black belt

Last week, Lainey highlighted outfits seen on Camila Mendes and Marisa Tomei during their Upgraded press junket.


This look is a standout: the long shorts and the way the boots elevate it from what could be a “business casual” suit to, as Lainey wrote, a slay. The belt is also doing a lot here, not because of its “me! me! me! look at me!” monogram, but because it’s thick and luxe and not calling attention to itself. But it’s not hiding either. I received a request for this belt and sometimes belts are super hard to pinpoint. The outfit is tagged by her team, but the belt is not. This always makes me wonder if some of it is gifted because why would you leave out one important piece?


I’m going off on a tangent as usual so I’ll get right to it, the belt is Alexander McQueen. There’s also a gold buckle version and I would have a really hard time deciding between silver and gold if I were purchasing this. 

Hailey Bieber’s red slingbacks

Hailey Bieber shocked the world (not really) with her freshly dyed hair (Vogue is doing entirely too much calling it chocolate syrup brown). 

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to knock Hailey Bieber. I am actually a Belieber and I like them, together and apart! I also think she does in fact have amazing style and is a trendsetter, as much as people want to insist she’s boring. No. I rebuke that opinion. She is wearing things that will translate into accessible trends in a few months. She’s like Europe.


For this slightly Mob Wife aesthetic, she’s wearing Jil Sander slingbacks. I love Jil design and for some fashion gossip, read the brand’s Wiki page. The brand’s resurgence is under design duo Lucie and Luke Meier but it’s had multiple turnovers since it was acquired by Prada in the late 90s.

Back to the shoes: are slingbacks underrated? I recently saw someone wearing the Chanel captoe slingbacks, which can be a little “I’m pretending to be French” twee, with ribbed cashmere socks in navy and I thought it was fresh. 


Goop striped sweater

GP is Gooping with this Valentine sweater (honestly that’s the name, I’m not just saying that because it’s Valentine’s Day) and I will give goop (or is it Goop? I never f-cking know!) credit: it goes hard with its sweater collections. There are several really rich, really standout sweater options on the site. 

The downside is they are expensive. The upside is she has said many times that the inspiration for the sweater designs come from 90s-era preppy, mid-range brands like J.Crew and Gap. J.Crew has reissued some of its striped rollnecks (not cheap, but much less expensive than Goop). The closest piece I’ve found to the one GP is wearing is this L.L. Bean sweater on sale.