Carla Gugino: Underrated!

Carla Gugino is an actress who is familiar and has a great name but hasn’t had that all-encompassing moment of fame. The Fall of the House of Usher could change that if it’s a runaway hit on Netflix. That won’t make her a ton of money (under the current contract) but it could lift her to a new level of fame. If that’s what she wants. She’s at what I call the “James Marsden sweet spot” – works a lot, seems very well liked, famous enough to get papped but not so famous she’s hounded. With that, I had an inquiry about the white boiler suit she is wearing. A lot of celebrities wear Rivet Utility because the founder is well-connected but Carla’s is from ATWYLD, a motorcycle and gear site. The Pit Crew Jumpsuit in white is selling fast. (Thanks Gina!)


Ryan Reynolds: Fashion Guy?

Ryan Reynolds does a lot of things well – is fashion one of those things? I can’t recall being delighted or offended by anything he’s worn. I would describe his style as average. Which is totally fine, not everyone wants to put the work into their wardrobe. But could he be stepping it up? He wore this delightful pink sweater on a night out with Blake Lively and TSwift, so he knew he’d be photographed (not that he and Blake need Taylor for that, it’s just extra attention from her fans). It’s from Bode, an upscale “it” brand that uses new and upcycled textiles and has a very Victorian spirit. It’s meant to look homely and hand-crafted but not handmade. These are clothes that say, “I write letters of unrequited love in my dreary seaside cottage” but in a luxurious way. This is my long-winded way of saying the sweater is $750. 


Navigating fall fashion with inflation

This is a question/comment I get a lot: how are people affording all these clothes? In short: they are not. 

As we’ve all noticed, the price of pretty much everything has skyrocketed and fashion is no exception. If you can handle shopping ‘off season’ (something I’ve never been able to do very well), now is the time to pick up those sandals you’ve been eyeing, swimsuits and summer pieces. The cardigans, coats and boots that are looking so back-to-school fresh? We are looking at a bit of a wait until we see deals. But don’t panic shop. 

My advice here is to be brutal with what you want this year. Edit your existing closet (for every new piece, donate or resell an old piece.) Is a denim quilted bomber (which I’m super into right now) going to work in a month in your city’s climate? How often are those knee-high boots going to be worn? (I like a cost-per-wear calculation.) Ask the hard question about how much a piece is worth to YOU. 


I’ve had a few questions about the Ralph Lauren sweatshirt I pre-ordered – it’s a $150 at Revolve. Steep for a sweatshirt, yes, but it’s justified by how often I will wear it. A lot, for years. I will wear the right grey hoodie anywhere and with anything – over a dress or with jeans or bike shorts. Sweatshirts are the first thing I put on in the morning. So yes it is expensive but it has value (for me). A pair of Louboutin boots may be monetarily more valuable, but not to my life. 

If you aren’t sure, make a list of everything you want to buy this season and keep it in your Notes like a celebrity apology. Look it over every few weeks and some things you may have wanted may not be high priority and some things might have a stronger pull. Side-eye all the lists – you do NOT need 6 pairs of boots in your fall rotation or the 8 essential white T-shirts. Only you know what you need.