Never Have I Ever… sourced an entire wardrobe

Maybe it’s because I grew up on a diet of teen rom-coms and Seventeen Magazine, but the Never Have I Ever wardrobe is one of my favourite parts of the show. Devi in particular wears loads of prints and patterns and clashing pieces and her clothing is a reflection of her charming messiness. She is dressed like a teen and her clothes look like something a person would actually wear to school (I’m looking at you, Euphoria). Yes there are some grown-up labels like Theory, Moschino, R13 and Vivienne Westwood (Dr. Vishwakumar would never let Devi spend that kind of money on clothes and rightfully so) but there’s also Levi’s, Converse, Doc Martens, Free People, Urban Outfitters and lots of other mall brands. 


This website has Devi’s entire season four wardrobe (impressive!) and if there’s any other character look you want, check out the Instagram account of Glinda Suarez, who took over styling from Mindy Kaling’s long-time collaborator Salvador Perez for seasons three and four. (They all work together frequently.) Many of the “worn on TV” sites are also stacked with Never Have I Ever finds. The specific piece I was asked to find is the patchwork cardigan from episode 9 and The Ragged Priest is unfortunately sold out but for Devi-esque pieces, keep an eye on the Dolls Kill website – several of her outfits are kicking around there.


JLaw’s jeans

Have a request for Jennifer Lawrence’s full length, wide-leg pants (as seen here) and I believe these are the Eglitta jeans from The Row. She has been wearing them a lot and they look great on her. Now we know the Olsens are not shy with pricing and these jeans are run from $650 (on sale lol) to over $1000. These are expensive even by expensive standards. But The Row knows their audience (some women buy the entire collection every year) and it is not priced to draw in new customers. With that, here are some other egalitarian options: Denim Forum Winona jeans, Everlane’s The Baggy Jean and coming in at higher price points, the AGolde Fusion jeans and Frame’s Le High ‘N’ Tight Wide Leg. (Thanks Jade!)


Emma Roberts what are thoooooossssseeeeeee

Harper’s BAZAAR recently did a story on the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker making a comeback and for some, it never left. The wedge heel became so unstylish that of course it came back around again, as all things in fashion eventually do. If the Dior saddlebag can make a comeback, why not the wedge sneaker? 

This leads me to Emma Roberts’s wedges. She tagged Aldo so it’s not like I went digging for them but the “clubbing wedge” is so extremely of a specific moment in time that to see it here almost looks like a costume. This is the Kasie strappy wedge sandal and I don’t know who named this shoe, but they did a great job. This shoe looks like a Kasie!


The queen of the wedge sandal is Jennifer Aniston, no doubt. She favoured the Stuart Weitzman Alex wedge and if those are reissued, we can officially call it a comeback. 


Rachel Weisz’s mystery bag

A reader wrote in asking for an ID on Rachel Weisz’s bag in these photos and I don’t recognize the pattern on it at all. At first I thought Goyard but it’s a little different (though Goyard is one of the few luxury brands that discourages its products being sold online and does not have an online shop). And, because it’s Rachel Weisz, I feel like this could be a super expensive French luxury brand or it could be something she picked up at a flea market and we have no way of knowing because she is a mystery. Take a look, tell me what you think.