Last week, Lainey wrote about Emma Stone and if you look at the photos, she’s wearing the “Amazon coat.” Credit to New York Magazine for being the first to point out – way back in 2018 – how popular this utility coat is. I have one, in black, but am thinking of the green. It’s a solid choice for under $200. For those who want the coat but don’t want to shop on Amazon, it can be ordered directly through Orolay.


I got an email about the earrings (that double as ear bud holders) Pink wore on The Kelly Clarkson Show. What surprised me is the earrings appear to be Balenciaga. Not to wade into the controversy too deeply, but it’s a curious choice as so many celebrities do not want to get mixed up in that mess. So maybe she had these already and liked the convenience and the earrings are not branded. That’s a plausible explanation off the top of my head. But what’s also curious is that she wore Balenciaga pants - really bold ones. And considering Adidas just did a collab with Gucci, why not swap out Balenciaga Adidas for Gucci Adidas? Or just regular Adidas? I have no idea if Pink was trying to make a statement but she’s the type of celebrity who doesn’t beat around the bush. Maybe she’s unaware of the Balenciaga controversy, or thinks it’s overblown? (She wouldn’t be alone in that - some in fashion and art feel the controversy is not based in anything but satanic panic for the TikTok age.) That said! I don’t know why she wore these earrings, but they are sold out at the usual luxury department stores.   


Want a pair of earrings no one will be mad about? At the Grammys (which I know, seems like forever ago), Queen Latifah wore earrings from Sister Love, a line co-owned by Mary J. Blige. The line has a lot of great hoops and Queen Latifah is wearing the Times Square Bam Beauties in Extra Large. (Also, when is Queen Latifah getting a Last Holiday sequel? This is a NO BRAINER for Netflix!)


Hailey Bieber is a celebrity who represents a real generational divide: old Millennials and Gen X are non-committal about her but some Zillennials go deep on her every move. The number one complaint I read about her is “she’s boring,” which is an inaccurate insult. To point out the obvious, no one takes time to comment/make TikToks/follow her every move out of boredom. She stirs something in people and that is not boring. And unlike many of her generation, she’s not an overnight sensation but her influence is steadily growing. 

Here she is in a vintage Hawaii 82 shirt and there’s a bunch of these floating around reseller sites. I found the exact shirt here – maybe Hailey is the one who bought it?