Stella Maxwell’s sneakers: solved

The Stella Maxwell at Coachella shoe mystery has been solved. It’s from an obscure shoe line called Nike. Ever heard of it?????

Should I be fired for not identifying a pair of Air Max sneakers? That’s a good question but in my defense I’m not very bright and I had one weird angle to work with


! That didn’t stop many of you from clocking these and thank you for your emails and DMs and for not saying, “These are Nikes you IDIOT” which I imagine took some restraint. These might be this exact pair from Ssense (in the photo they look white, these are grey) or there’s a custom design feature on the Nike website. 

I also noticed Riccardo Tisci is wearing Nike... coincidence? Maybe considering it’s only one of the most worn brands in the world. A collaboration would definitely be interesting though. 


Kerry Washington’s boyfriend jeans

A reader wrote in asking about the boyfriend jeans Kerry Washington wore in season one, episode 8 of UnPrisoned. Boyfriend jeans are not like skinny jeans in that wearing a pair doesn’t necessarily signal a generational fashion divide. I love a boyfriend jean, LOVE, and just retired a pair that predates the birth of my first child (so 12 years at least). I was crushed but they served me well and the knees finally gave out after hundreds of wears. The brand was the same as Kerry is wearing: Rag and Bone Rosa Distressed Boyfriend Jean. A classic if there ever was one. (Thank you Michelle and sorry for the wait!)

Kerry's jeans

These gays, they’re trying to murder me… but make it stemware

An unusual and exciting request not for clothing but for stemware. I’m not a glassware expert so when searching, I focused on luxury brands and shops and think I found a match in the Zalto Champagne glass. At $100 a glass, this seems exactly the type of glasses these high-end gays would have on their boat. (Thanks Krista!)

White Lotus