Gigi Hadid knows she’s a pap favourite and consistently turns out street style looks that hit trends but also don’t feel forced. These capri pants, which even Vogue called controversial, definitely fall in that category. These are capris (or maybe a long Bermuda?) by Jacquemus (there’s one pair here in a 24). Poke around on reseller sites if you need a pair right now. 


As for Gigi’s entire look, the black tank is by her brand Guest in Residence and the belt (which I think she could have done without) is Nili Lotan – all sourced by Vogue here.


Camila Morrone was in Italy and it’s her first full non-Leo summer in a few years. It looks like she’s enjoying herself. One thing about Leo is that he always takes his girlfriends on vacation but, and this is my guess, I don’t think they get a lot of say in the itinerary. He’s been doing the same route for years – yacht, Europe, models, Wolf Pack – and I don’t know if there’s any room for new opinions there, you know? Anyway, back to Camila. Her dress is by Doen, which has always been popular with celebrities but now seems to be the go-to vacation dress designer. (Thanks Ewa!)


Chelsea Handler seems to be going through her London phase (a very special time in a celebrity’s life!) and she’s having fun. She went out and partied in a dress that is put together and didn’t get sloppy (even as the night did). It looks comfortable and the kind of dress you can sit in, which is key when you are smoking a joint by the window. It’s the Veronica Beard Mesika dress and it is sold out but kicking around on dress rental sites as well as resellers. (Thanks Sue!)


Everyone loves to talk about a revenge dress but Sofia Vergara wore a revenge bathing suit. She took it up several notches. While I couldn’t find this exact suit, I’m quite certain it’s Dolce & Gabbana as she wears a ton of their stuff and she has worn suits with a similar cut but in a different print. (Maybe they gifted her this set for her birthday, which just passed.) The blue leopard really pops and she knows it. How could she not?! There are very few blue leopard swimsuit prints except for a monstrous fast fashion site that I’m not going to link to but if you like the look, search for a balconette top animal print suit. (Thanks Gemma!)