GP’s unique necklace

Gwyneth Paltrow is kind of pioneer of the #hotmessneck, which is basically just wearing a bunch of necklaces. She has a really nice collection and a reader is looking for the one in the video below. It’s FoundRae, instantly recognizable because of the unique medallions (Gwyneth’s looks customized with an A and M). Loads of celebrities wear these and the price is steep – I don’t think there are any options under $800 (and that’s a mini medallion, no chain). The key to this look is lots of layers with gold chains of different lengths and really chunky medallions.


 The good news is that because these types of medallions are very in style, there are lots of jewelers that make different versions like this “evil eye” by Adina Eden, the serpent pendant from Mejuri (which has lots of great pieces), and this Oak & Luna heart medallion.  (Thanks Laura!)


Rocky and Rihanna: always best dressed

Next up is a request for A$AP Rocky’s green vest which, if you are as obsessed with the Bottega Veneta green cassette bag as I am, you instantly recognize the weave. It’s Bottega Veneta’s green Intreccio vest, it’s pricey (over $4k) and there are really no comparables, which sometimes happens in fashion. This is not a vest that you can get at H&M or something, it’s just too unique and it won’t trickle down (like cerulean blue) until it hits peak popularity. If anyone can get it to peak popularity, it’s A$AP. 

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky at Bottega Louie, March 15, 2023

I always wanted to write about Rihanna’s striped rugby shirt and found it at Loewe but now nearly everywhere has covered it. Still, a red and blue rugby shirt is very cool (especially if you can find a vintage one from Ralph Lauren) and right now I’m wearing my humble H&M shirt out. 


Viola Davis’s Italian sneakers

Next up is a pair of fresh kicks that Viola Davis wore on Good Morning America to promote Air. Now she may be in a Nike movie but these are not Nike shoes and I took a guess that she wouldn’t wear a direct sneaker competitor (like Reebok or Puma) so I started looking at luxury sneakers like Hogan (which she has worn before), Stella McCartney, and Chloe. She is wearing AGL, an Italian, family-owned brand that focuses on flats, oxfords and chunky sneakers in a way that isn’t trendy like platform sneakers can sometimes be. The exact pair is here. (Thanks Simone!)


Ariana Madix’s revenge dress

As the LG site manager, Emily, and I are deep into the Vanderpump Rules drama, I came across a Page Six exclusive that Ariana’s dress was from Housewife Melissa Gorga’s Envy boutique (so it’s being kept in the Bravo family). There’s no brand label and it’s sold out but I’m sure will be back in stock soon. Bravo stars know how to monetize breakups. 

(PS: Michelle, I owe you a pair of Kerry Washington’s jeans and I’m on the hunt!)