Hailey’s body jewellery

Body chains are back in a big way and I love how people are wearing them under white tank tops. Two leaders of this trend are Lori Harvey and Hailey Bieber and both have been wearing Jacque Aiche. The chains are really pretty and very expensive. Like $10k expensive because of the real diamonds. 


I think most of us are not looking for a $10,000 body chain so here are some options: joolz by Martha Calva Stella body chain, petit moments body chain, the Robyn body chain by Camila Coehlo and if you are planning to wear it to the beach/in the water or at a festival and don’t want something you are worried about losing, this body chain is under $20. (Thanks Marina!)


Kerry Washington’s sunglasses and earrings

Do you think Kerry Washington misses Law Roach? Of course she does but she is back at work and the show must go on. A reader called in asking about her sunglasses and earrings and the thing about Kerry is that she appreciates fashion, which makes things easy for me. She not only tags the brands but sometimes she tags the publicist too, which is how I found the earrings. Glasses are Miu Miu (and stamped on the lenses, so no substitutions here) and the earrings are from Eéra. Flip to the second photo in the carousel to sell the look. (Thanks Laura!)

(PS: Michelle – I owe you a pair of Kerry Washington’s jeans and I haven’t forgotten, I’m just a dum dum!)


Olivia Wilde’s white jeans

Olivia Wilde is a major pap target and while I don’t think she indulges it, I would imagine that it’s difficult to ignore when they are at her child’s soccer game. I don’t think she dresses to be “on camera” but how weird would it be going to do mundane things and having your outfit described by the Daily Mail? A reader wrote in asking about her white jeans and I agree, they are great jeans. White jeans can easily veer into Housewives territory, for a few seasons it seemed like the white skinny Frame jeans were the uniform of choice and I will always associate it with them. But Olivia’s aren’t skinny: the cut was the hardest part to pin down for me. These aren’t straight leg but not quite wide leg and the hem is raw. I immediately zoned in on Sevens because that is her go-to brand but couldn’t find this exact pair (I also checked Mother, Citizens of Humanity, GRLFRD and others). What led me to the exact pair wasn’t my incredible detective skills but a fan site (posted below), which had the exact style – Bootcut 26. I’ve only been able to source one pair online but the good news is that whatever your denim brand of choice, it likely makes a pair of white jeans. 


The key here is a cropped bootcut or flare kick jean with a raw hem – here are some options from Good American, Gap “baby bootcut”, the Isola mid-rise crop from Citizens of Humanity, and Mother’s The Insider Crop Step Fray. (Thanks Emily!)