Hilary Duff’s cropped jacket

White utility jackets are having a moment? White utility jackets are having… a moment! I say this after seeing exactly two (2) on Instagram. (More cream than eggshell.) The first one was the Isabel Marant utility jacket that transforms into a vest (you take the sleeves off) and then this Hilary Duff cropped bomber jacket with utility coat details. Hers is Jacquemus and on sale. It’s also super cropped, which is interesting. 


I bought a super cropped puffy vest last year and have yet to wear it but my theory on these is that a super crop (like the sweater bib Lainey wrote about) works best when contrasted with an oversize shirt. 


Jennifer Garner’s Overalls

In promotion for her baby food company Once Upon a Farm, Jennifer Garner made a cute farm video, as she does. These are gardening overalls by Duluth in Fir. They look like the kind of overalls you put on when you need to get dirty but also want to feel like a slightly chic Bob the Builder. 


Pearl. Clothing. 

Belly chains were everywhere this summer. But what if we are taking body jewelry to the next level with pearl accessories that double as clothing? A pearl armour! I don’t know what you’d call this unique shirt but after seeing JLo post a photo of her pearl-draped wedding look (second photo) and seeing this shirt right after, I feel like we could be looking at something. The thing with pearls is that they don’t go out of style, but the way pearls are worn can be dated. It all depends on how they are mixed – a string of pearls with a sweatshirt is kind of hot, right? Or a whole mess of pearls! It’s very Carrie-Bradshaw-still-styled-by-Patricia-Fields. 


Sofia Richie’s artwork

Sofia Richie has a very “quiet luxury” wardrobe and I don’t actually get a lot (or any) questions about her clothes but I did get a photo of her artwork. The lavender piece behind looks like its by Alex Israel and I found it online – this looks like it