We are all over the map today, from puffer jackets to white bikinis. As the kids say, let’s f-cking go. 

January Jones’s white bathing suit

January Jones loves a bathing suit and I love January Jones’s bathing suits. This white bikini with scalloped edges is by Marysia (a favourite brand of celebrities); this looks like the North top and Spring Time bottom. And look, not everyone is comfortable in a white bikini and not to sound like a women’s body lotion commercial, but if you want to wear a bikini, wear the f-cking bikini! 


If you still aren’t sure, find a picture of yourself from ten years ago and if you remember that back then, you also wanted to wear a bikini and didn’t do it, I want you to note how hot you were. 

If you wear a bikini this summer, in ten years you will have an archive of this summer’s hotness. That’s just sexy math.


Rita Ora’s puffer coat

Rita Ora was somewhere cold and rainy and I’m into the drama of this puffer coat. I’m a giant dramatic baby when it comes to the cold so I’ve been thinking about getting a puffer sleeping bag jacket. This one is by Templa, which specializes in the kind of cold weather gear for people who have to work “my place in Whistler” (or Aspen or Tahoe) into every conversation.


Eva Longoria’s normcore hat

I’m really turning into an after school special today but I’m extremely disciplined about sun care. For health reasons (sure) but also because I get these monstrous bumps on my forehead called sebaceous hyperplasia and once or twice a year I have to have them shaved off with electrocautery tools at the dermatologist. You know what really exasperates it? Too much sun.

So yes, sun protection is important (weird bumps and skin cancer danger) and it’s also important for vanity reasons. Ask any dermatologist or facialist and they will tell you that sunscreen is imperative every single day. But why stop there? A hat and sunscreen is even better. 

The thing with hats, and I’m going to give you my honest opinion here, is that many of them are stupid. I’m not wearing a fedora like a hip youth pastor. Hats should not try to be cool or trendy. That’s why I opt for the lifeguard hat (which I’ve written about before) or a baseball cap.


Eva Longoria’s is great (though I have to often wear kids’ hats – small head, small brain) and it is available here

Christa Miller’s sneakers in Shrinking

A reader wrote in looking for a pair of sneakers Christa Miller wore in Shrinking. The designer is Isabel Marant and I’m going to be honest here as we are amongst friends: the single most regrettable purchase of my life has been a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers. I have a load of Isabel Marant clothes – some pieces pre-date my tween children and I still wear them – but those sneakers are still in my closet out of shame. 


Like hats, sneakers should not have a designer label. Don’t buy Gucci x Adidas, just buy Adidas. Fancy sneakers are one day going to be looked at the same way we look at monogrammed bags: something we all participated but in hindsight is a little embarrassing.  

For a Velcro style, I’d recommend Stan Smiths or Vejas. (I want to thank the reader who sent this but don’t want to blow up her spot as it’s a gift. You know who you are!)

Attached - Eva Longoria yesterday at the Hotel Martinez.