JLo’s cross-waist jeans

JLo’s jeans will never let me know peace! To be fair, she swaps her styles up a lot and the pair she is wearing here with the Gucci x Adidas jacket are the R13 cropped (expensive but relatively easy to find). 


A note about jeans because it is my most requested item: if you are online shopping, never buy a pair of jeans without a backside angle. It’s crazy to me how many retailers will post a single photo of the front of a pair of $400 jeans and expect us to just be ok with that? Ass is essential! No matter the cost, we must see how the denim curves around a butt. The same rule goes for open-toe shoes: don’t commit to a pair unless it is shown with a foot inside it. Gotta see the toe cleave-to-sandal strap ratio. 

Taylor’s Late Night Outfit

I just got this request and it’s fitting because the outfit lasted longer than this situationship

The sweater is obviously NYU (the school store doesn’t have this exact colour combo but there are other options), the skort is Free People and the brown shoes are The Row


Mindy’s striped button-down

Great dinner outfit on Mindy here: Miu Miu shirt, black jeans and Prada loafers. The thing that makes the shirt special is not the embroidered designer name but the way it sits. Call it cropped or boxy (both words work for shopping searches), but button-downs don’t always need to be long or oversized. (I say this as a devotee to oversize clothing.) In fact, the higher the jean waist, the more a boxy cut makes sense. 


Lea Michele’s beach sweater 

Wearing a hooded sweater over a swimsuit might seem counterintuitive but that’s also what’s great about it. It’s not your typical swimsuit cover-up and for those of us who struggle with finding beach wear that isn’t tropical print, sheer or a weird cut, I appreciate the multitasking sweater. It’s luxurious too, especially in this case as this the sold-out Nili Lotan Josie sweater. Luckily it’s pretty easy to find a cashmere striped sweater from high-end retailers (like Goop) or non-cashmere options from the Gap, Mango, Zara, Cos – you get the idea. All showed a great striped pull-over sweater this year.


Last minute edition: Sydney Sweeney’s face roller

This morning Lainey wrote about Sydney Sweeney’s busy travel schedule and in the photos she is seen carrying a face roller. I have one that looks the same and this is not fancy or high tech, which is the best thing about it. Use it right out of the freezer and it is cooling and refreshing. Whether or not it actually produces lasting results (like helping with puffiness or dark circles) I can’t scientifically verify, but it feels nice. And after a long flight or hard night, sometimes that’s enough. It’s also under $20 on Amazon (the only place I’ve seen it sold, sorry).